Departure statement of President Aquino, September 20, 2010

President of the Philippines
[September 20, 2010, Ninoy Aquino International Airport]

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In line with the thrust of my administration to strengthen the engagement between the public and private sector; generate jobs and livelihood for our countrymen; and ultimately move the whole nation along the straight and righteous path towards economic progress, we have embarked on this journey to send a message to the world, and particularly to one of our biggest trading partners, the United States of America: The Philippines is open for business.
We are committed to untangling a cumbersome bureaucracy; empowering industries that hold great promise, especially those that will elevate the living conditions in rural areas; and rationalizing a regulatory system that for many years has been a disincentive to foreign investors. With the help of our people, who are now exhibiting a newfound optimism founded on our pledge of professional, transparent governance, we can achieve our goals.
I am confident that as we explain to the world our vision and program of government, we will be rewarded with investments that, over the next several months, will generate thousands of new jobs for our countrymen.
This trip happens even before we reach the hundred-day threshold of our administration. We are determined not to waste any time as we continue our nation’s march towards equitable progress.

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