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26 October 2010

Philippine Delegation for the State Visit to Vietnam and the 17th ASEAN Summit

Accompanying Delegation-11
NameDesignation & OfficeDate of TravelRoute/Remarks
1. HON. ALBERTO G. ROMULOSecretary of Foreign Affairs25-31 Oct.
2. HON. CESAR V. PURISIMASecretary of Finance26-31 Oct.
3. HON. GREGORY L. DOMINGOSecretary of Trade and Industry26-31 Oct.
4. HON. VOLTAIRE T. GAZMINSecretary of National Defense
5. HON. PATRICIA B. LICUANANChair, Commission on Higher Education26-29 Oct.
6. HON. ERLINDA F. BASILIOUndersecretary for Policy, DFA-Philippines ASEAN Senior Official (SOM)
7. HON. MIGUEL A. PEREZ-RUBIOChief of Presidential Protocol and Presidential Assistant on Foreign Affairs26-31 Oct.
8. HON. RAMON V. KABIGTINGAssistant Secretary, Bureau of International Trade Relations, DTI-Philippine ASEAN Senior Economic Official (SEOM)
9. HON. VICTORIA S. BATACLANAssistant Secretary for ASEAN Affairs, DFA-Philippine ASEAN Director-General (DG)
10. HON. CRISTINA G. ORTEGAAssistant Secretary, Office of Asian and Pacific Affairs, DFA
ADMIRAL WILFREDO TAMAYOCommandant, Philippine Coast Guard

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