Statement of President Aquino on the September 26, 2010 Bar Exam Blast

President of the Philippines
The September 26, 2010, Bar Exam blast
[September 29, 2010]
This morning, I visited the victims of last Sunday’s bar exams explosion.
I spoke to Raissa Laurel and other victims. I would like to commend them all for their courage in the face of a crime against them that they did not deserve.
I have tasked the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) to render all possible assistance to the victims.
I consider this a heinous crime because many of the victims were women and students preparing for their futures as productive citizens of our country. Society bears an added responsibility for caring for women and the youth.
This is why I am taking a personal interest in this case. Aside from providing whatever assistance they may need, I am also tasking National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Magtanggol Gatdula and Manila Police District Head Chief Superintendent Roberto Ronganvilla to make the resolution of this case their top priority.
I expect a strong case to be built against the perpetrators of this crime at the soonest possible time.
To those of you who are guilty: The full resources of the state are being unleashed against you. Surrender. Do not add to the troubles you are now facing. Otherwise, have no doubt that you will be caught. You will not escape the consequences of your actions.
Once again, I express my sincere sympathies for the victims and my admiration for their desire to continue with their lives. I am confident that despite what happened to them, their futures will be bright.

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