Statement of Spokesperson Lacierda in response to Pulse Asia’s October 2010 Survey

Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda in response to Pulse Asia’s October 2010 Ulat ng Bayan Survey
[November 15, 2010]
President Aquino is pleased with Pulse Asia’s latest Ulat ng Bayan survey, showing high performance and trust ratings across all socio-economic class groupings. This was the first time, he said, the administration was evaluated thus since he assumed office.
The President noted further that the performance and trust ratings indicate the shared optimism among all sectors of society, in contrast to the negativity of those who want to return to the old ways. This confidence, he said, affirms his conviction that the straight and righteous path is the road to success. It also acknowledges the work done so far and serves as an impetus for the administration to sustain its efforts to reform the government and revitalize the economy.
The President urges all sectors to continue taking part in his administration’s agenda of change. The administration will not let the country down, he said. The President also emphasizes that these ratings are not merely a measure of his executive competence, but rather reflect the strong solidarity between the government and the people as they work together to achieve change.