Speech of President Aquino during the inauguration of the Presidential Situation Room, February 10, 2011

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
During the inauguration of the Presidential Situation Room
[Delivered at MalacaƱan Palace, Manila on February 10, 2011]
The world can sometimes be a dangerous place. In the short time we have been in office, our administration has had its share of crises.  We have seen a hostage crisis, a bus bombing, and floods in Sulu and other parts of the country. And we will face more before our time is up.
This is the reality we face. Our people are exposed to different kinds of threats to their lives and safety. As their government, it is our responsibility to respond in the most effective way.

This is why the Presidential Situation Room was created through my Administrative Order No. 2 last September. While we are only inaugurating it today, it has been in operation since October, and its dedicated staff has served me well. The PSR has produced a total of 104 reports in 2010 alone. These reports—concise, accurate, and insightful— have kept me up to date on important events and have given the cabinet relevant information that it needs to respond to the different challenges that our country has experienced.
Soon, the Presidential Situation Room will be equipped with centralized electronic connections with key national security agencies, primarily the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, the Office of Civil Defense, and the Department of National Defense. In times of national crisis, the PSR will be the nerve center of the government’s response, centralizing information flows and assisting in the coordination of the different agencies tasked to deal with crises.
But more than just a tool, the PSR is also a reminder of how much more effective we can be if we acknowledge the value of cooperation and unity. It is through enhanced cooperation that we can better serve our people at times when they need us most.
I have no doubt that in the years to come this place, and the people who work in it everyday will be tested. I also have no doubt that as we deal with threats to our country’s security, this place and the people working here will deliver. I thank you all for the work you have already done, and the work that still lies ahead. Our people are counting on us. And with your help, we will rise to whatever challenges lay ahead.
Thank you.