Php 0.5 Million relief goods for victims of Typhoon Mina release by Malacanang

Approximately P508,912 worth of relief goods has been initially released by the government from the combined resources of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and concerned local government units to assists families affected by typhoon Mina.
As of 6 a.m., August 28, 2011 some 5,851 families, with 29,585 persons, from Regions I, II, III, VI, and CAR have been affected by typhoon Mina since it entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility on August 21.
A total of 44 evacuation centers were opened in the affected regions serving 1,637 families with 7,961 persons. The evacuees are given relief packs and hot meals at the evacuation centers managed by social workers of the affected local government units with the assistance of DSWD social workers.
Initial reports from DSWD-Field Offices showed that 32 houses in Regions I and II were damaged of which 21 were totally damaged and 11 were partially damaged.
In Region I, some 2,292 families with 10,832 persons from Ilocos Norte, Pangasinan, and La Union were affected. Of these, 345 families with 1,640 persons took temporary shelter in evacuation centers around the region.
In Region II, 720 families with 3,445 persons from Cagayan Valley and Isabela were affected. Four evacuation centers in the affected areas remain open serving 69 families with 266 persons. The DSWD Field Office II provided relief assistance worth P190,000 to the affected LGUs.
In CAR, 207 families with 855 persons from Baguio City, Kalinga, and Abra were affected. The DSWD-CAR provided 100 family packs worth P25,000 as augmentation assistance to the affected LGUs.
Meanwhile, in Region VI, flashfloods triggered by typhoon “Mina” affected some 2,631 families composed of 14,423 persons from 34 barangays in Oton and Iloilo City. Twenty one evacuation centers were opened to assist 1,071 families with 5,474 persons. The DSWD Field Office VI provided family food packs amounting to P78,500 as augmentation assistance to the affected LGUs.
DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano Soliman has directed all social welfare and development (SWAD) teams to continue to coordinate with their counterparts in the affected local government units to ensure quick provision of augmentation assistance, when necessary.

PNoy Speech in celebration of National Heroes Day, August 29, 2011

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
In celebration of National Heroes Day
[English translation of the speech delivered at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, Taguig City on August 29, 2011]
Secretary Voltaire Gazmin; Secretary Albert del Rosario; His Excellency Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps; Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps; Mayor Maria Laarni Cayetano; General Ed Oban; Police Director-General Raul Bacalzo; MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino; Major Service Commanders; officers and members of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines; fellow workers in government; honored guests; my beloved countrymen:
Good morning.
We commemorate many historic events in the month of August, events that have shaped our nation over the years. Among them, the Cry of Balintawak, which, by its very audacity, launched a revolution. The devastation of the Second World War likewise officially ended in this month. August also holds much personal meaning for me, for it is in this month that my father was slain, having chosen to return to the Philippines to defend democracy. My mother, too—the mother of our cherished democracy—passed away on an August day. My grandfather died on an August, worrying about the death sentence passed against my father. I myself barely escaped an ambush on August 28, 1987. August is truly a historical month for us—the members of my political party, the Liberal Party, were almost wiped out during the Plaza Miranda bombing: that was on an August 21.
Perhaps it is only fitting that at August’s close, we also celebrate National Heroes Day. However, as with any recurring commemoration, there is a danger of missing out on its true significance—of forgetting for whom, or even why, we celebrate. On this day, we must remind ourselves of the dedication and the sacrifices of all our heroes; we must remind ourselves that we must constantly uphold their values, so we need not repeat the mistakes of the past.
Our country is truly a cradle of heroes. Their lives have been recorded in the pages of books, monuments have been built to attest to their deeds. But there have been heroes among us who, despite their crucial roles in helping secure the stability and the equitable progress of the nation, have fallen by the wayside, forgotten by history itself—our soldiers who have not been given the gratitude due them. But history having failed to record their contributions is not an impediment to our conferring upon them the recognition they deserve.
I salute the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to the service of our country. Our gathering today rightly honors all their efforts and their heroism. Whenever our peace and our freedom were threatened, they sacrificed their lives. They molded history by ensuring that coming generations of Filipinos would live in a Philippines marked by stability and progress. Thank you for upholding your sworn duties. Thank you for your sacrifices on behalf of the Filipino people.
Thank you, too, to our veterans who are the allies of our government as it marches on the straight and righteous path. You remain exemplars of valor and steadfast service to the nation. Rest assured that you are not alone; your government is here to assist you. The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, or the PVAO, is at the forefront of our efforts to streamline the system that awards the pensions and other benefits due you. We have, likewise, improved health services for our veterans, by granting accreditation to nearly three hundred hospitals that will attend to your needs. Our government strives to realize the programs that will, however humbly, thank and repay you for your service to the nation.
To our enlisted soldiers, thank you for your readiness to defend Philippine territory, if need be. You have long displayed the heroism required to maintain the nation’s peace despite the deficiencies your ranks have suffered. Your government has been assiduous in ensuring the upgrading of your equipment and the efficacy of your training. We are aware that spears are no match for guns, that boats from Lapu-Lapu’s time cannot stand against looming ships with state-of-the-art munitions—and, most especially, that courage, no matter how unwavering, cannot stand alone if we lack the necessary firepower. We are in the process of finally fulfilling our dream—of the Filipino soldier recognized and respected the world over.
Today, I also address our civilian citizens, especially the volunteers in our campaign that began securing the change upon us now. As one, we responded to the call for reform, setting aside our personal interests. Because of your solidarity with us, we have gone so far in such a short time. Despite our many accomplishments, however, I am confident that there is still much we can achieve—alleviating poverty and banishing corruption, among others. I am also confident that we will continue to stand united, demonstrating the spirit of bayanihan and by so doing, helping more and more of our fellow Filipinos.
We have been given the opportunity to do what is right, as our heroes did and that for which our heroes fought. I am ready to make sacrifices. But I have often said that I cannot carry the burdens bequeathed to us by myself. Our country does not need a superhero to solve all our problems. What our country needs is the solidarity and heroism of every Juan and Juana dela Cruz. What we need is a nation committed to being part of the solution.
Many of us come to a crossroads every day. And so this is the challenge I make to you today: Were your principles to be ranged against bribes, if your honor were to be matched against mountains of cash, if your conscience were to be given a monetary price-tag, would you still choose to be a hero? These are tests of character. And it is out of these tests that true heroes are born—heroes who do not demand that history acknowledge or praise them, but rather, heroes who remain steadfast regardless of whether there are any witnesses to their virtue.
The heroism of our forefathers is part of our DNA, it is in our blood. I have faith in every Filipino’s capacity to further the progress of our nation. Our times do not demand we lay down our lives or that our blood be shed for us to achieve heroic status. We only need to demonstrate a genuine and unsullied desire to help our fellowman. Simply obeying the law and helping those in need can make you hero. Every little sacrifice you make for your fellow Filipinos and every moment you lend a hand to those in need adds up to forging a stronger, more vibrant Philippines comprising more than ninety million heroes.
The Filipino hero is in charge of this country’s destiny. We refuse to be sidetracked by those who foster and exhibit the wang-wang mentality, the culture of entitlement.
Our forefathers did not live to witness the confidence we demonstrate today, but I am certain they would be pleased to see the manner in which we are striving to secure a brighter future for coming generations of Filipinos.
Again, good morning to you all.
Thank you very much.

Bagyong Mina Latest Weather News Forecast, August 29, 2011, 5am

Typhoon over the lighthouse in BatanesImage via Wikipedia
Severe Weather Bulletin Number TWENTY-SIX
Tropical Cyclone Warning: Tropical Storm "MINA" (NANMADOL)
Issued at 5:00 p.m., Monday, 29 August 2011

Tropical Storm "MINA" has slightly weakened as it continues to move away from the country.
Location of Center:
(as of 4:00 p.m.)
340 km Northwest of Basco, Batanes
Coordinates:23.3°N, 119.9°E
Strength:Maximum sustained winds of 95 kph near the center and Gustiness of up to 120 kph
Movement:Forecast to move West Northwest at 7 kph 
Forecast Positions/Outlook:Tuesday afternoon:500 km Northwest of Basco, Batanes 

Areas Having Public Storm Warning Signal
PSWS #LuzonVisayasMindanao
Signal No. 1
(45-60 kph winds)
Batanes Group of IslandsNoneNone
Public Storm Warning Signals elsewhere are now lowered.

Residents in low lying and mountainous areas particularly over the western section of Northern and Central Luzon are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides, likewise, those living in coastal areas are alerted against big waves generated by monsoon surge.

Estimated rainfall amount is from 10-20 mm per hour within the 550 km diameter of the tropical cyclone.

The public and the disaster coordinating councils concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next bulletin to be issued at 11 PM today and the hourly updates.

DSWD working 24 hours to assist victims of Bagyong Mina

The DSWD continues to provide assistance to victims of typhoon Mina through the local government units (LGUs) in the northern muncipalities of Cagayan and Isabela.
Some 56 families, with 279 persons, from Gonzaga, Sta. Teresita, Sta. Ana, and Iguig in Cagayan; and 482 families, with 2,401 persons, in Maconacon, Isabela are temporarily housed in five evacuation centers earlier identified by the local government units of these two provinces.
“DSWD-Field Office II has prepositioned food and non-food relief goods, such as clothings, blankets, water jugs, towels, plastic mats, candles, mosquito nets and family kits in a total of 65 evacuations centers in Cagayan and Isabela in preparation for the onslaught of typhoon ‘Mina’,” said Social Welfare and Development Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman.
Meanwhile, the municipality of Sta. Ana reported that 25 stranded persons are staying in bunkhouses built by the Local Government Units (LGUs) of Maconacon and Calayan, which have been stocked with food supplies.
Secretary Soliman explained that continuous monitoring and coordination is done with the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Councils (PRRMCs) and the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Councils (MDRRMCs) of affected municipalities on the effects of the typhoon.
“Our Disaster Management Response Teams (DMRTs) and Social Welfare and Development (SWAD) teams are still on 24-hour duty to monitor the progress of the typhoon and assist affected local government units,” Secretary Soliman said.

2 Million tourist arrived in the Philippines, decreased arrivals from Hong Kong

Mainit Falls, Tablas Island Philippines
Gaining over 300,000 tourist arrivals in the sixth month of 2011, the Philippines recorded 1.91 million visitors halfway into the year, attributable to continuous gains in key markets.
“This is 12 percent more than what we had from January to June last year. At this rate, we are looking to outperform our 3.52 million showing in 2010 and hit, if not surpass our 3.74 million target, especially as we forge ahead with our international promotion programs,” remarked Secretary Alberto A. Lim.
Growth in the leading East Asia regional market remained steady at 17.52 percent with strong gains posted by Korea (429,569 visitors, up 28.76%), China (105,423, up 16.85%), and Taiwan (84,979, up 35.81%). Japan registered a modest climb of 5.66 percent from last year to 181,379 arrivals. These four countries are among the Philippines’ top five country markets in the region, while the United States, with 338,020 visitors (up 6.57%), rounds out the list in 2nd place.
“We are reporting positive growth in all our foreign markets, with the exception of Hong Kong. The DOT has therefore stepped up its marketing and promotions campaign therein. In June this year, we spearheaded the country’s participation in the International Travel Expo, considered one of the largest and most significant travel and trade events in Hong Kong. We are organizing a series of familiarization trips for Hong Kong media as one of the measures to help intensify the campaign to bring back Hong Kong tourists to the Philippines,” said Assistant Secretary for International Tourism Promotion Benito C. Bengzon Jr.
The DOT is expecting additional growth in arrivals from the Asia-Pacific region to be driven by expansion projects of low-cost carriers. Tiger Airways is launching its Singapore-to-Davao flights this November while Air Asia Philippines is expecting to begin regular flights out of Clark to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau in October.
The Philippines—Clark and Davao, specifically—stands to benefit from these new air services and additional flights in terms of lower fares, direct connection to their extensive route system, access to their existing markets, and promotion of the destinations through these carriers’ distribution networks.
In spite of being displaced from the top five by Taiwan, Australia surged 20.33 percent to 82,761 visitors from January to June, good for sixth place. Canada performed similarly, improving 15.5 percent with 61,150 arrivals to eighth in rank for the year. Other top country markets are ASEAN best performers Singapore (66,161 visitors, seventh) and Malaysia (44,471, 11th), both logging improvements from last year.
Both Northern and Western Europe saw modest gains of 3.64 and 8.25 percent to register a combined 160,401 visitors. The United Kingdom (51,376 visitors) and Germany (30,060) are 10th and 12th best among all country markets, respectively.
Elsewhere in Europe, Russia’s 9,820 visitors were good for a significant 34.48-percent gain. Just outside the top 12, fellow emerging market India ranked 13th midway into 2011 with an impressive 49.61-percent build on last year for 22,742 visitors.
A total of 309,749 foreigners visited the Philippines in June, 12 percent more than in the same month last year. It is the fourth out of six months this year to register double-digit growth from corresponding months in 2010.

DBM released P1.298 trillion as of July 2011, highest spending this year

Department of Budget and Management (Philippines)
Budget and Management Secretary Florencio B. Abad today announced that national government spending in July 2011, amounting to P133.45 billion, was the highest monthly spending level attained so far this year.
This level is only 1.59 percent lower than P135.60-billion recorded in July 2010. Net of interest payments, July 2011 disbursements have reached P92.25 billion, catching-up with the P92.84-billion spending recorded in the same month of last year.
“Our interventions to speed-up spending and implementation of programs and projects are now taking effect. We’re seeing that departments and agencies will catch-up significantly with their targets in the last five months of the year,” he said.
Abad also noted that departments and agencies have also exhibited a marked improvement in the utilization of disbursement authorities via Notices of Cash Allocation (NCAs) to 99.5 percent in July. In comparison, NCA utilization in the past 6 months was 91.4 percent.
He also noted that from a fiscal gap of P17.23 billion in the first six months of 2011, the P26.48-billion recorded in July alone has increased the cumulative deficit so far to P43.713 billion. The full-year deficit target is 3 percent of gross domestic product, or equivalent to P300 billion.
“We are still pushing hard so our deficit spending level will be as close to the P300-billion deficit target. This is particularly necessary in light of the instability and slowdown in the global economy,” the Budget Chief said.
“For this reason, we must fast-track the implementation of critical programs and projects in the remaining five months. If necessary, we will augment funding for fast-moving projects that generate high economic multipliers,” he said.
Cumulative disbursements in the first seven months of the year reached P832.3 billion, which is 48.6 percent of the full-year disbursement program of P1.711 trillion. The seven-month spending performance was 9.96 percent lower than the P924.4-bilion recorded year-on-year:
  • Interest Payments amounted to P175.7 billion, which is P13.8 billion or 7.26 percent lower than last year’s P189.46, because of government’s improved liability management and better foreign exchange rates;
  • Maintenance Expenses as of July totalled P98.1 billion, which is P11.2 billion or 10.3 percent lower year-on-year. However, the gap has narrowed, from 12.6 percent as of June, because of the release of increased provisions for the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program;
  • Infrastructure and other capital outlays amounted to P64.5 billion, which is P91.5 billion or 58.7 percent lower year-on-year, due to lower demand for the settlement of accounts payables for projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). DPWH reported that as of August 15, it has obligated 56 percent of P123.88 billion in allotments it has received, an improvement from its obligation rate of 34 percent as of June 30.
  • Tax subsidies, which amounted to P15.5 billion as of July, were lower by P11.4 billion or 42.2 percent year-on-year, as import requirements in 2010 were higher.
  • Meanwhile, Personal Services spending has increased by P8.7 billion or 3.3 percent to P273.6 billion as of July because of the implementation of salary increases under the Salary Standardization Law 3.
  • Subsidies to Government-Owned or -Controlled Corporations have also grown by P6.4 billion or 64.7 percent primarily due to releases for the fuel requirements of the National Power Corporation-Small Power Utilities Group and of the 2010 allocation for health insurance premium subsidies for indigents.
  • Transfers to local government units (LGUs) has increased by P13.2 billion or 19.3 percent to P176.1 billion mainly due to higher internal revenue allotment shares of LGUs this year and for the monetization of prior years’ obligations to LGUs.
  • Net lending also expanded by P8.4 billion or 171.6 percent to 13.3 billion due to advances for the National Food Authority to cover its short-term debt obligations.
As of July, the DBM has already released allotments worth P1.298 trillion or 79 percent of the P1.645-trillion General Appropriations Act of 2011.

Bagyong Mina Weather Update, August 28, 2011, 11am

Satellite Picture at 11 a.m., 28 August 2011             PAGASA Track as of 8 a.m., 28 August 2011

Severe Weather Bulletin Number TWENTY-ONETropical Cyclone Warning: Typhoon MINA (NANMADOL)
Issued at 11:00 a.m., Sunday, 28 August 2011

Typhoon "MINA" has accelerated slightly and still continues to move North Northwestward.
Location of Center:
(as of 10:00 a.m.)
60 km East of Basco, Batanes
Coordinates:20.5°N, 121.3°E
Strength:Maximum sustained winds of 120 kph near the center and Gustiness of up to 150 kph
Movement:Forecast to move North Northwest at 9 kph 
Forecast Positions/Outlook:Monday morning:260 km North Northwest of Basco, Batanes
Tuesday morning:530 km North Northwest of Basco, Batanes
Areas Having Public Storm Warning Signal
PSWS #LuzonVisayasMindanao
Signal No.3
(100-185 kph winds)
Batanes Group of IslandNoneNone
Signal No. 2
(60-100 kph winds)
Babuyan Group of Islands
Calayan Group of Islands
Ilocos Norte
Signal No. 1
(45-60 kph winds)
Public Storm Warning Signals elsewhere now lowered.

Residents in low lying and mountainous areas particularly the western section of Northern and Central Luzon are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides. Likewise, those living in coastal areas are alerted against big waves or storm surges generated by this tropical cyclone.

Estimated rainfall amount is from 10-20 mm per hour within the 550 km diameter of the typhoon.

The public and the disaster coordinating councils concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next bulletin to be issued at 5 PM today and the hourly updates.

Proclamation No. 241 - Special Non-working day in Cotabato on September 1, 2011

Map of the Philippines with Cotabato highlighted
WHEREAS, Thursday, 1 September 2011, marks the 97th Foundation Day anniversary of the Province of Cotabato;
WHEREAS, it is but fitting and proper that the people of the Province of Cotabato be given full opportunity to celebrate and participate in the occasion with appropriate ceremonies.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, PAQUITO N. OCHOA JR., Executive Secretary, by authority of His Excellency, BENIGNO S. AQUINO III, do hereby declare Thursday, 1 September 2011, as a special (non-working) day in the Province of Cotabato.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.
Done in the City of Manila, this 19th day of August in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Eleven.
By authority of the President:
  Executive Secretary

DOH launched “Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue” (or ABaKaDa)

The Department of Health (DOH) and its partner departments today launched its latest campaign against dengue, “Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue” (or ABaKaDa), in an effort to stir up community action that will be sustainable, target-driven, and that can be adopted by LGUs with perennial threats of a dengue epidemic.
ABaKaDa seeks to reinforce the country’s drive against dengue by going back to the basics of comprehensive vector control supported by environmental manipulation and modification. The program calls for regular weekly clean-up drives spearheaded by the barangay leaders and includes the active participation of community volunteers, civil society and others in government. The DOH and its partners shall also launch a tri-media campaign to generate public support for ABaKaDa.
“Combating dengue requires everyone’s cooperation. We need to do our part in fighting this threat,” said Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona. Lessons from past dengue epidemics showed that communities determine the dengue burden depending on their seriousness and commitment to source reduction or elimination of mosquito breeding sites, the first line of defense to prevent and control dengue.
Specifically, the campaign urges families, barangay leaders and youth councils (Sangguniang Kabataan) to organize community clean-up drives and to aggressively seek and clean out possible mosquito breeding sites every week especially in areas that continue to experience clustering of dengue cases. This is expected to be carried out at least until October this year when cases are also expected to significantly fall.
School authorities are also urged to implement search and destroy actions at the school premises at least every week before classes break on a weekend. Other stakeholders, such as owners or managers of business establishments/malls and construction sites, are also strongly encouraged to initiate and sustain their own clean-up activities in their areas.
“We are reiterating the four things for everyone to do every day:  Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites, Self-protection by wearing long-sleeved shirts, Seek early advise/consultation at the nearest health center, and Say YES to fogging only when there is an impending outbreak (hotspots),” Ona said.
Ona explained that Searching and destroying breeding sites include covering all water containers, regularly changing water in flower vases, de-clogging of roof gutters, and filling up with soil all stagnant surface water in vacant lots in villages or housing areas or used tires found in roofs and in vulcanizing shops.
Self-protection means wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants, and using mosquito repellants whenever practical. Seek early consultation at the nearest health center when there is suspicion of dengue and immediate visit to a hospital when there are dangers signs like nose bleeding, restlessness, persistent vomiting or rapidly decreasing platelet count and, Say YES to fogging when there is an impending outbreak (in potential hotspots) as evaluated by the health officers, explained the health chief.
Meanwhile, the latest DOH Dengue Registry revealed that dengue cases nationwide have gone down by 24.35 percent, at 56,005 cases from January to August 20, 2011 compared to 74,028 cases during the same period last year.
At the National Capital Region, most cases are from Quezon City (3,922 cases), Kalookan City (1,558), and Manila (1,340).
Most reported cases belonged to the 1 to 10 years age group (39.5%). Majority of the cases reported were male. Three hundred twenty (321) deaths have been reported from January to August 20, 2011 for a case fatality rate of 0.57 percent.
Secretary Ona also reiterated that public hospitals and DOH medical centers are capable of treating the rising number of Dengue cases and have installed dengue fast lanes to prevent overcrowding. “The best way to fight Dengue is to prevent it and all of us must do our part,” Ona concluded.

12 Vietnamese fishermen rescued by Filipino in Palawan

Vietnamese fishermen
The Philippine Embassy in Hanoi reported that Philippine fishing vessels rescued 12 Vietnamese fishermen on July 28 on the waters of Palawan. Their boat had capsized previously while fishing.
Philippine Navy Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Edgar Abogado informed Vietnam People’s Navy Commander in Chief Vice Admiral Nguyen Van Hien that the rescued fishermen were taken to Camp General Artemio Ricarto Station Hospital for medical check-up and treatment. Four of the 12 Vietnamese fishermen obtained minor injuries while the rest are in good health.
At present, the 12 Vietnamese fishermen are under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Immigration, the government agency in charge of their disposition.
The Philippine Navy is coordinating with the said agency and the Vietnamese Defense Attache to the Philippines for whatever necessary assistance which can be provided for the fishermen and for their repatriation.

Typhoon Mina, Latest News Update, August 27, 2011

Severe Weather Bulletin Number SEVENTEEN
Tropical Cyclone Warning: Typhoon MINA (NANMADOL)
Issued at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, 27 August 2011

Typhoon "MINA" has slowed down after it made landfall over Gonzaga, Cagayan.

Location of Center:
(as of 10:00 a.m.)
90 km Northeast of Tuguegarao City 
Coordinates:18.2°N, 122.3°E
Strength:Maximum sustained winds of 195 kph near the center and Gustiness of up to 230 kph
Movement:Forecast to move Northwest at 7 kph 
Forecast Positions/Outlook:Sunday morning:80 km North of Aparri, Cagayan
Monday morning:160 km North of Aparri, Cagayan or
70 km Northwest of Basco, Batanes
Tuesday morning:155 km North of Basco, Batanes
Areas Having Public Storm Warning Signal
PSWS #LuzonVisayasMindanao
Signal No. 4
( >185 kph winds)
Northern Cagayan
Babuyan Group of Islands
Signal No.3
(100-185 kph winds)
Rest of Cagayan
Batanes Group of Islands
Signal No. 2
(60-100 kph winds)
Northern Aurora
Quirino Ifugao
Mt. Province
Ilocos Norte
Iocos Sur
La Union 
Signal No. 1
(45-60 kph winds)
Rest of Aurora
Nueva Vizcaya
Nueva Ecija
Residents in low lying and mountainous areas under Public Storm Warning Signals, Southern Luzon and Visayas are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides. Likewise, those living in coastal areas are alerted against big waves or storm surges generated by this tropical cyclone.

Estimated rainfall amount is from 15-25 mm per hour within the 600 km diameter of the typhoon.

The public and the disaster coordinating councils concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next bulletin to be issued at 5 p.m. today and hourly updates.