Secretary Abad: 2012 Budget to be submitted to Congress right after SONA

A December 29, 2010 press release prepared by the Department of Budget and Management

DBM to issue 1st budget call, new budget prep sked in 1st week of January

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) will release in January the First Budget Call for the 2012 National Budget that would ensure the submission of the proposed 2012 spending bill a day after the President delivers his State of the Nation Address in July 25 next year.

Budget and Management Secretary Florencio B. Abad said the President has approved a new budget preparation schedule starts with the issuance of the First Budget Call and the Budget Call Forum with all government agencies and corporations on January 6 and 7.

“The 2011 Reform Budget, the first financial blueprint of the Aquino Administration, was enacted on time, the first time it has happened in 11 years. We are committed to making sure that subsequent budgets under this government will be passed on time,” he said.
In the past, the Budget Call is issued in April or May of the year prior to the fiscal year of the budget. The Constitution mandates that the Executive submits the proposed budget to Congress within 30 days after session opens, which falls in August.

Abad said the budget preparation calendar to be issued with the First Budget Call dedicates February 2011 for consultations by six pilot Departments with civil society organizations (CSOs) at both their central offices and regionally through the Regional Development Councils.

“This new consultative budget preparation process is in line with the Aquino government’s commitment to ensure good governance through citizen’s participation,” he said. He notes that six Departments will be piloting the consultative process, namely: Education, Health, Social Welfare and Development, Agriculture, Agrarian Reform and Public Works.
DBM Issues 1st Budget Call (framework & process) January 2011
DBM Issues 2nd Budget Call (indicative budget ceilings) January 2011
Departments Conduct Regional Consultations February 2011
Departments Conduct Consultations with CSOs February 2011
Departments Submit Budget proposals April 2011
DBM Conducts Technical Budget Hearings May 2011
DBCC Conducts Deliberations June 2011
DBCC Presents Budget to President & Cabinet July 2011
DBM Submits 2012 Budget to Congress July 2011