DOST advises the public not to believe in hoax messages

IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Photogra...Image via WikipediaA March 14, 2011 advisory by the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology

Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo said the public should not believe in rumors that the alleged nuclear meltdown in “Fukushima,” or other places in Japan threatens to affect other places with radiation.

The advice circulating that people should stay indoors and to wear raincoats if they go outdoors has no basis and did not come from the DOST or the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Center.

The DOST clarifies that there is no immediate danger to the Philippines and advises the public not to believe these rumors currently spreading through text messages, emails, the Internet, and other means of communication.

The Department also advises the public not to entertain these rumors and to stop forwarding such messages so as not to sow panic among the people.

The DOST maintains a 24/7 link-up with the International Atomic Energy Agency (see picture), the highest authority on nuclear matters for advice on the current situation of the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Available data do not indicate any immediate threats to the Philippines.

The Department is committed to bringing accurate, reliable, and timely information regarding the Fukushima event and its possible effects to the Philippines.