Philippine embassy committed to safety of Filipinos

Nuclear power plant symbolImage via WikipediaA March 16, 2011 press release by the Department of Foreign Affairs

In line with the advisories issued by Japanese authorities, the Department of Foreign Affairs is urging all Filipinos who are within the 20-kilometer radius of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to evacuate immediately, if they have not done so, and those within the 20 to 30-kilometer radius of said facility to stay indoors.

Those within or near the Fukushima Daiini nuclear power plant should also observe the 10-kilometer exclusion zone.

Similarly, Filipinos in the area are urged to monitor and follow any further advisories of the Japanese Government.

Filipinos who are concerned about possible radiation exposure may wish to voluntarily relocate to areas further away, or depart voluntarily from the country using their own means. This includes the family members of the officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.

If, as determined by Japanese officials, relocation and repatriation become necessary, the Philippine Government will defray the cost to undertake the required measures to either relocate or repatriate Filipinos from the affected areas.

The Philippine embassy is there to ensure the safety and to serve the needs of Filipinos in Japan.

To reiterate the words of Philippine Ambassador to Japan Manuel Lopez, in his telephone conversations with Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert del Rosario, “we are fully committed to remain here to serve the needs of Filipinos in Japan.”