PHIVOLCS tsunami update as of 8pm, March 11, 2011

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2011 March 11 8:00 PM

Earthquake near East Coast of Japan at about 1:46 PM on 11 March 2011


At about 1:46 PM of 11 March 2011 (Philippine Time), an earthquake of magnitude M 8.8 occurred Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan at a depth of about 10km. Related to this earthquake, sea level readings confirm that a tsunami was generated which could reach the Philippines. PHIVOLCS Tsunami Alert Level 2 was raised in areas along the east coast of the Philippines. People in threatened communities were advised to go farther inland since these areas are expected to be affected by the first tsunami waves from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM 11 March 2011 Philippine time. These waves may continue for hours.

The observed sea-level data associated with the earthquake-induced tsunami is shown in the following table. Sea-level changes may persist along the Pacific coast.

Station Name Maximum Wave Height (in meters) Arrival Time (Philippine Time)
San Vicente, Cagayan, PHILIPPINES 1st wave 0.60 m 06:00 pm
2nd wave 0.60 m 06:20 PM
3rd wave 0.40 m 06:50 pm
4th wave 0.40 m 07:30 pm
Virac, Catanduanes, PHILIPPINES 1st wave 0.40 m 06:30 pm
2nd wave 0.60 m 07:10 pm
3rd wave 0.70 m 07:50 pm
Baler, Aurora, PHILIPPINES 1st wave 0.40 m 06:30 pm
2nd wave 0.40 m 07:10 pm
3rd wave 0.30 m 08:00 pm
PHIVOLCS will provide tsunami sea-level updates as soon as the new information becomes available.