PNoy pays tribute to Pan-Malayan identity of Filipinos and Indonesians

Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III, in his toast at the state banquet hosted by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last night, emphasized a shared language and origin as he called for closer ties between their countries.

Speaking in the capital Jakarta, President Aquino observed common words in Filipino and Bahasa during his three-day state visit.

“I … learned that your word for ‘address’ is alamat,” President Aquino noted, “which means in our Tagalog tongue, ‘myth’ or ‘legend’. It means also ‘point of origin’; where roots sprout from and where history begins.”

“We have a similar word if not an identical word for child, which is anak,” the President added, “for which all of our efforts seem to be so geared at.”

As President Aquino spoke of common origins, he appealed for unity with Indonesians in facing the challenges confronting their nations and the region.

“We are brothers and sisters born of the same ancestors and may our children, our common anak, enjoy the future our forefathers envisioned,” said the President.

Source : Official Gazette