Son of Philippine Attache represents PHL in the Turkish International Children’s Day

A March 8, 2011 press release prepared by the Department of Foreign Affairs

The Philippine Embassy in Ankara reported that Jose Gavriel B. Laurel was chosen to represent the Philippines on the “23rd April International Children’s Day” television commercial of the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) Channel.

He is the five-year-old son of Jose Rico R. Laurel and Vivian M. Bajarin-Laurel, the Embassy’s Finance Officer Cultural Officer, respectively.

The filming of the commercial was done on February 21-23 at the TRT Studio in Istanbul, Turkey.

The commercial featured eight children who were chosen to represent Turkey, India, Brazil and the Philippines.

The commercial will be aired through TRT National and International Channel on the first or second week of March through the end of April 2011.

In Turkey, Children’s Day is celebrated every year on April 23rd and is officially known as National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

It is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s biggest gift for children.

Turkey emphasizes the love, hope and future of children by proclaiming a national holiday for them and Turkey is the first country to proclaim a national holiday for children.