Statement of the Department of Foreign Affairs on the three Filipinos on death row in China

Statement of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Eduardo Malaya:
On the three Filipinos on death row in China and the campaign against drug trafficking
[Delivered at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Pasay City on March 23, 2011]
Members of the media, colleagues in government, good afternoon.
The Fujian People’s Court and Guangdong High People’s Court have informed the Philippine Consulates General in Xiamen and Guangzhou on the date of the carrying out of the death penalty on three Filipino nationals, namely Mr. Ramon Credo, Miss Elizabeth Batain and Miss Sally Villanueva.

The main entrance to the Supreme People's Cour...The death penalty will be carried out on March 30 on Mr. Credo and Ms. Villanueva in Xiamen and on Ms. Batain in Shenzhen.
These are the Filipinos whose sentences were originally scheduled on February 20 and 21, but were stayed as a result of the humanitarian visit to Beijing of Vice President Jejomar Binay on February 18.
It may be recalled that during the visit of the Vice President, the Philippines conveyed that it “respects Chinese law and the (final) verdict of the Supreme People’s Court” on these cases.
As the public is well aware, the Philippine Government provided the three Filipinos all possible legal and consular assistance. The Government ensured that their legal rights were respected and observed, and their welfare protected from the time of their arrests and throughout the judicial process, and even up to this very day.
Their families have been informed of the carrying out of the sentences, and arrangements are being made for them to depart for China during the weekend, in order to visit and see their loved ones.
The Philippine Government itself has a strong anti-illegal drug policy, and is closely cooperating with law enforcement agencies in China and in other countries on efforts against drug trafficking.
We appeal to all Filipinos, especially OFWs, not to allow themselves to be victimized by international drug syndicates and to be extremely cautious when dealing with strangers in airports and other areas of transit. We wish to stress that vigilance is the first major step in combating the modus operandi of international drug traffickers. We urge all our citizens to be on alert at all times in order not to be victimized by drug syndicates.
We hope that the members of the media will help the Government in its campaign to fight drug trafficking.