Statement of the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson on the lifting of Taiwan’s visa restrictions in response to the visit of Mar Roxas

Talakayan 2010 August 9, 2009 ISO, Ateneo de M...Image via WikipediaStatement of the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson:
On Taiwan’s lifting of visa restrictions on Filipino citizens in response to the visit of former Senator Mar Roxas, Special Emissary and Adviser to the President

[Released on March 15, 2011]

Today we received official communication from the Taiwan authorities, through the Manila Economic and Cultural Office channel, acknowledging “the sincere efforts (the Philippines) has taken to repair the damage to our relations.”

The following are quotes from the four-paragraph document:

“We have taken note of (the Philippines’) concern over the restrictions imposed by Taiwan on the applications by your nationals for visa application and work permits.”

“To express our good faith in response to the visit of Special Emissary Manuel Roxas and the most recent measures taken by your government, we will immediately lift the restrictions on visa applications for all Filipino workers and resume the method used to process their work permits prior to Feb 7, 2011. Online visa applications will also be applicable to the Philippine tourists as that used to be before the incident.”

“(Taiwan) would like to thank you for the tireless and extraordinary efforts you have taken to bring our relations back to normal. (We) appreciate in particular the Special Emissary’s visit, which paved the way for a quick resolution to this unfortunate incident.”

“We are looking forward to seeing the deepening of cooperative relations…” as between Taiwan and the Philippines in the years to come.