Statement of the Presidential Spokesperson on the budget of the Judiciary

MalacaƱang Palace, the residence of the Philip...Image via WikipediaStatement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda:
On the budget of the Judiciary

[Delivered during a press briefing held at MalacaƱang on March 17, 2011]
The President is committed to judicial reform. He has always viewed improving the justice system as an important foundation for improving our people’s lives.
Our approach to the budget has been to support the needs of the judiciary. We have always been open to a frank and constructive dialogue with our judges on their budgetary concerns. In fact we are engaged in a discussion between the DBM and the Philippines Judges’ Association on these concerns.
We have taken every opportunity to do our part, but the resources of the judiciary also involve the funds given the Supreme Court from legal funds and which it administers. A shared commitment to transparency in budgetary matters is in turn the foundation of a cooperative, constructive resolution of the judiciary’s concerns.