CBCP dismayed on Willing Willie's Jan Jan incident

MANILA, April 8, 2011— The controversy involving “Willing Willie” host Willie Revillame never cease to disappoint.
The latest to join the growing protest is an agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines in a statement issued Friday.
The CBCP’s National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace is dismayed on the incident involving a 6-year-old boy’s “macho-dancing” routine on Revillame’s show aired on TV 5 last March 12.
“The management and host of the show brought shame not only to Jan-Jan and his parents but to media practitioners in general,” said Fr. Edwin Gariguez, Nassa executive secretary.
Gariguez said Nassa, chaired by Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, supports the calls for further investigation on the said television episode.
He said appropriate intervention and assistance must also be extended to Jan-Jan and his family.
“Only by examining carefully the many elements that gave rise to the controversy can a clear-sighted assessment of critical issues be looked into and liable persons are meted out the appropriate penalty under our laws on human rights and child protection,” he said.
The CBCP official also appealed to media networks to uphold the “human dignity” at all times and avoid “the betrayal of trust that was placed on their shoulders.”
“We need to remember that media’s primary role is to promote social awareness and safeguard the dignity and welfare of the people, especially the youth,” he said.
“This explicitly entails social responsibility that will proscribe commercially-driven shows that induce people to think and behave in ways that have grievous moral consequence to society.”
“In the same way that freedoms in the media are respected so should media practitioners put utmost regard to the dignity and rights of the people whom they serve,” Gariguez added.
He said mechanisms must also be provided by media networks to ensure that participants in any game shows, “most of whom poor, are not exploited.”
“We need to install monitoring system to ensure compliance to child protection policy that will best [put] the interest and the welfare of children and that will pursue liabilities of those who dare transgress it,” he said. (CBCPNews)