Children TV criticize Willie Revillame

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An April 12, 2011 press release by the Department of Education
The National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT), an attached agency of the Department of Education, cautioned television networks to be more sensitive regarding their shows that portray children, and reminded them of existing laws that protect children from any form of exploitation.
NCCT Executive Director Frank G. Rivera said that the Children’s Television Act of 1997, orRepublic Act No. 8370, has a mandate to promote child-friendly programs “with no elements that may result in physical, mental and emotional harm” to children.
The NCCT’s move was in relation to a recent incident on a television variety program where host Willie Revillame coaxed a visibly distraught six-year-old Jan-jan to perform a suggestive adult dance number repeatedly in exchange for a sum of money.
R.A. No. 8370, which created the NCCT, recognizes the importance and impact of broadcast media, particularly television programs, on the value formation and intellectual development of children. The Council must take steps to support and protect children’s interests by providing television programs that reflect their needs, concerns and interests without exploiting them.
Rivera says: “As public figure and host of a widely viewed TV program, Willie Revillame should have moral and social responsibility to the audience. This includes being more sensitive to the feeling of the young and to the sensibility of the viewing public in general.”
There has been a torrent of public disapproval in the way Revillame “exploited” the young studio participant. Ching Aunario, Television Advocacy Group head, wrote in a statement:
“This is blatant sex exploitation, mind corruption and child abuse. Indeed, as the Commission on Human Rights said, the 12 March 2011 episode of this popular television program is deeply alarming. How cruel and insensitive can some people be in inflicting such traumatic humiliation to a helpless child?”
NCCT has been in correspondence with the Movie and Television Review Classification Board (MTRCB) for any punitive actions and sanctions deemed fit for the television show.