MTRCB Hearing on Willing Willie Jan Jan Controversy, April 07, 2011

In today’s hearing of the case against “Willing Willie” about the child abuse incident in its 12 March 2011 episode, counsel for respondent Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC TV5) raised the issue of alleged impartiality of the members of the Board’s Hearing and Adjudication Committee.
Even as I affirm the integrity of the Members of the Hearing and Adjudication Committee, I regretfully accept their voluntary inhibition in order to dispel any doubt as to their impartiality.  Effective immediately, a new Hearing and Adjudication Committee is hereby constituted to determine the guilt or innocence of the respondents in this “Willing Willie” case.
The change in the composition of the Committee is to assure the public that the Board will only be guided by established facts and the law in the disposition of this case. This is also to avoid any attempt to further delay the expeditious resolution of the case.