Register at PHILJobNet and apply to over 60,000 Vacancies

An April 5, 2011 press release by the Department of Labor and Employment
The advice of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz to this year’s new college graduates: Browse the PHILJobNet website where you can find over 60,000 vacancies posted online at any given time. Better still, register and make yourself available to employers.
“The Phil-Jobnet is an automated online job and applicant matching system available, on a 24/7 basis in the Internet which aims to fast-track jobseekers’ search for jobs and employers search for manpower,” Baldoz explained.
As the country’s official job search portal, PHILJobNet functions as a labor market information (LMI) system supervised by the Bureau of Local Employment. Its distinct features include interactive links that allow jobseekers to post their skills and employers to search for services. It has also links to private job search portals, such as and
Registered applicants can also advertise themselves, update their personal information, and view job matches. Most importantly, they can gain access to job vacancies, apply online, and query job opportunities.
For employers, PHILJobNet will enable them to look for workers who could meet their requirements.
Secretary Baldoz has also urged employers to post their vacancies on the site because it’s free.
“While private job portals charge employers for every vacancy they post, the PHILJobNet does not,” she said.
For the period March 29 to April 5, 2011, the top 20 “hot jobs” in PHILJobNet were local jobs; the rest are foreign ones.
Of the 17 local “hot jobs” or occupations, most were for the position of call center agent (with 300 vacancies); followed by bus driver (150); merchandiser (106); technical and commercial sales representative (73); facilitator (60); medical representative (60); accounting clerk (60); professional tutor (53); promo salesperson (50); accounting staff (50); occupational therapist (60); sewer (60); human resource management assistant (44); computer systems developer  (40); technical support staff (40); delivery driver (40); janitor (35); and documentation staff (34).
The local/overseas “hot jobs” posted are for the positions of sales clerk (220); cashier (154); pipe fitter (160); air condition technician (126); mason (55); and civil engineer (38).
Overseas “hot jobs” are for domestic helpers (220); caregivers (100); food server (80); engineering manager (60); carpenter (50); medical specialist (50); welder (50) and plumber (35).
The local/overseas “hot jobs” posted are for the position of sales clerk  (331); cashier (162); pipe fitter (160); service crew (156); mechanical draftsmen (104) civil engineer (95), and saleslady (75).
Overseas “hot jobs” are for domestic helpers (220); caregivers (110) and construction carpenters (70).