Visita Iglesia Online for Holy Week and Easter

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MANILA, April 1, 2011—The media office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines launched on Friday an online site that caters to overseas Filipino workers and physically impaired to join the celebration of Holy Week and Easter.
Dubbed Visita Iglesia Online, the Lenten site which can be accessed at offers a virtual experience of celebrating Lent, the Holy Week and Easter at the comfort of one’s room—in front of a multimedia laptop or desktop which somehow becomes a virtual chapel.
But CBCP Media Director Msgr. Pedro Quitorio, said the site should not be used as a substitute to the liturgical celebrations done in parishes.
He said those who have the capability to celebrate liturgical services in their parish churches should do so.
“The liturgy is a community act and being so it is most meaningfully celebrated in the context of the community or the parish,” he stressed.
The website features various resources for spiritual growth and deepening one’s faith.
It also includes catechesis and reflections for Lent, Holy Week and Easter preached by bishops and priests.
The “online church-goer” (OCG) will have the traditional Visita Iglesia in a multimedia presentation that features 14 shrines and pilgrimage churches to correspond with the 14 Stations of the Cross with reflections given by priests.
It has also the traditional Seven Last Words and the Pasyon.
The site likewise highlights the architectural marvel of centuries-old baroque churches in the country. (CBCPNews)