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23 June 2011

Lacierda: PNoy SWS Ratings remains in the Very Good and very high

Social Weather Stations 4th Quarter Survey Results
Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda:
On the June 2011 Social Weather Stations survey
[Released on June 21, 2011]
The Social Weather Stations’ (SWS) June 3-6 survey shows that while nationwide satisfaction ratings have slightly dipped (from 69% in March to 64% in June), the figure remains in the Very Good range and historically, very high. It is also noteworthy that the level of dissatisfaction did not increase nationally, remaining at 18 percent.
Across all classes (74% for ABC, 63% for D, 66% for E), in all regions (60% in Balance Luzon, 62% in NCR, 67% in Visayas, 71% in Mindanao), the satisfaction rating according to SWS’s own standards, is Very Good.
In fact, for the socioeconomic ABC classes and Mindanao, the administration has achieved a rating of Excellent.
We are not alone in pointing out that satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratings are separate numbers. Many in the media have also cautioned against relying on net ratings without dissecting the actual numbers on which net ratings are based. We trust that all who take the time to look at survey figures ponder the specific questions and the responses to each. These latest survey numbers should confound the pundits who have been drumbeating a “massive drop” in the President’s and the administration’s satisfaction ratings from March to June.
As the administration marks its first year in office, it is heartening to note that it continues to receive the support of the broad public. The administration has been working to clear the obstacles to good governance put in place by those with a vested interest in seeing the country fail. The foundations for inclusive growth are being laid firmly and the public is seeing the hard work being put in beginning to bear fruit.

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