PNP dismissed PO3 Navarro for using Secretary Robredo for extortion

A June 3, 2011 press release by the Department of the Interior and Local Government
The Philippine National Police (PNP) National Capital Region Office has ordered the dismissal from the service of a police officer who allegedly used and misrepresented the name of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse M. Robredo to engage in extortion and other nefarious activities.
Robredo identified the erring police officer, who allegedly used his name in shady transactions as Police Office 3 (PO3) Vergel Navarro, assigned to NCRPO’s Regional Police Holding and Administrative Unit (RPHAU).
Based on reports, Navarro was said to be using Robredo’s name in extorting and collecting protection money from illegal gambling operators and club owners in Quezon City.
The reports also said that Navarro is using a civilian identified as a certain Lito Miranda as one of his collectors in his extortion activities.
The DILG chief said Navarro had been officially “dropped from the rolls” after he failed to appear for several weeks to report to his mother unit, particularly his immediate boss, Superintendent Ranny T. Tapat, chief of the NCRPO-RPHAU.
“Col. Tapat has informed us that PO3 Vergel Navarro had been officially dropped from the rolls after he failed for several weeks to show up and explain his side,” Robredo said.
Robredo said he periodically receives reports of scheming and unscrupulous individuals misrepresenting him, his office, and other individuals close to him.
“I have not authorized and never allowed anybody to use my name or office to solicit or collect money from anybody, especially from illegal gambling or from any other form of illegal activity,” Robredo said.
“I am directing all PNP officials concerned to likewise arrest, investigate and file charges against these individuals who usurp my name and office for their personal but illegal gains,” he added.