CNN hero Efren Peñaflorida partners with DepEd to teach street Children

Efren Penaflorida - CNN Hero of the Year 2009
CNN Hero of the Year (2009) Efren Peñaflorida will partner with the Department of Education (DepEd) in providing alternative learning systems to street children, dropouts and out-of-school youths, and adults using suitable teaching and learning modalities.
Education Secretary Armin Luistro and Peñaflorida, representing the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) as chief executive officer, signed today an agreement that broadens the access to basic education of youth and adults through nontraditional learning delivery modes.
“Through various learning intervention programs that suit the interest of learners who face challenging situation in urban areas, our ultimate goal is to bring them back to formal school and complete their basic education,” said Luistro.
The DTC is composed of concerned young people whose mission is to make significant differences in the lives of people in slum areas especially children. “These are people who have no access to education, hygiene and sometimes even love from their families,” said Peñaflorida.
In the agreement, the DepEd will accredit the DTC as an organization providing an alternative learning system to street children, dropouts, and out-of-school youth and children using its own curriculum and DepEd-implemented curricula.
Moreover, the DepEd is expected to train DTC teachers, tutors, para-teachers, volunteers, and learning facilitators who will apply different teaching modalities in community learning centers.
Among the alternative delivery modes being considered in the elementary level are the Modified In-School; Off-School Approach (MISOSA); and Enhanced Instructional Management by Parents, Community, and Teachers (e-IMPACT); while Open High School Program and Drop-Out Rate Reduction Program are the methods considered in the secondary level.
“Using these approaches, we want to bring back love of learning among children and adults who have lost interest in studying,” Luistro explained.
The DepEd will likewise accept test registrants among the learners of the DTC in the regular Accreditation and Equivalency test, Philippine Educational Placement Test, Philippine Validating Test, and other acceleration schemes administered by the DepEd.
For its part, the DTC will share best practices on different learning interventions which other interested parties may replicate.
Both the DepEd and the DTC agreed to continually review and enhance existing DTC curriculum, modules, and other instructional materials to make them more timely and effective.