Manila Representative pushes increase on Real Property Tax

A lawmaker today moved to increase the budget on health service of local government units (LGUs) through the enactment of a measure imposing one percent additional levy on real property tax. 

Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David (4th District, Manila) said the additional one percent levy on real property tax as provided under House Bill 4505 will be a great help to augment the health needs of the local government units (LGUs).

Bonoan-David said the proceeds shall exclusively accrue to the Special Education Fund and Special Health Fund.

"The fund can be use for the operation and maintenance of public hospitals, rural health centers, construction and repair of health centers, health facilities and equipment, medical and health research, purchase of medicines and training of local public health workers," Bonoan-David said.

"The measure attempts to respond to the urgent need of ensuring better health care services to the people," Bonoan-David added. 

The bill seeks to amend section 235 of the Republic Act No. 7160 of the Local Government Code of 1991. 

At present, Bonoan-David said the LGUs have limited resources to increase the funding for health service in their localities.

"Under the bill, the additional one percent levy on the real property tax will augment the annual budgetary allocation being provided by the national government for the LGUs health programs," Bonoan-David said.

Under Section 235 of Republic Act 7160 or the Local Government Code, the local health board of a province, city or municipality within the Metro Manila area, may levy and collect an annual tax of 2% on the assessed value of real property, which shall be in addition to the basic real property tax. 

"Improving health care service depends on the extension of coverage to the entire population and on the development of service patterns more appropriate to the health needs and resource availability for the developing country," Bonoan-David said.