Presidential Adviser Ronald Llamas' Statement on AK-47 incident

AK-47 Assault Rifle
Statement of Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronaldo M. Llamas:
On the vehicular accident involving two OPA staff on October 7
[Released on October 10, 2011]
At the outset, please allow me to express my deep regret regarding the unfortunate accident that occurred last Friday morning, October 7, along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. Although I was not there, as I had already left for Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday morning to attend an Executive Committee meeting of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and only returned this morning, I feel it is incumbent upon me to clarify certain matters regarding the incident, as it involved my vehicle and two of my staff.
First of all, the two occupants of the vehicle, the driver, Joey Valderama Tecson, and sole passenger, John Brilliant Alarcon, are indeed administrative and support staff at my office, the Office of the Political Adviser (OPA). The two occasionally serve as my close-in aides, driving my vehicle and accompanying me. It seems that a few hours before the incident they had passed by my house to ensure it was secure. Unfortunately, after doing so, it appears that they then proceeded to use the vehicle for their own personal purposes, without authorization and against explicit office policies. I have already ordered both staff members dismissed. The formal process for their dismissal has already been initiated upon my instructions, and is currently underway.
Secondly, the firearm that appears in the video footage taken at the scene of the accident is duly registered with the appropriate authorities in my name, and is covered by both a valid firearms license and a permit to carry (PTC). The firearm is one of several measures adopted in the wake of information I received several months back from senior members of the intelligence community that there were credible threats to my personal safety. I gave specific instructions before departing for abroad that the firearm be unloaded from the vehicle and safely secured, but, apparently, the two staff members neglected to comply with these instructions.
All throughout the course of this incident, my staff has extended full cooperation and support to the police. On the day of the accident, staff members from OPA accompanied the driver, Mr. Tecson, to the Commonwealth Avenue Police Station, and turned him over to the police. It is my understanding that Mr. Tecson gave a voluntary statement to the police and was provisionally released subject to the final outcome of the police investigation. It goes without saying that OPA will continue to extend full cooperation and support to any legal and judicial processes that may arise as a result of the police investigation.