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15 October 2011

Spokesperson Lacierda commended PNP on Bacoor Cavite Hostage-taking

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Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda:
On the hostage taking in Cavite
[Released on October 13, 2011]
We commend our police forces in Cavite for the timely and peaceful resolution to the hostage-taking situation in Bacoor this Thursday evening. It serves as proof of the effectiveness of the reforms that our police forces have undertaken in their operational procedures, and the upgrading of their equipment.
In a seamless execution of protocol, the provincial police immediately applied a dragnet operation to seal off escape routes even as they informed and assembled the Crisis Management Committee. Specialized units such as a Special Weapons and Tactics Team, public safety officers, and medical personnel were likewise on-site within a few minutes, while fire trucks had been put on standby in the area and a police line was put up. The negotiating team was able to establish contact with the hostage-takers within 40 minutes. The leadership of Police Senior Superintendent John Bulalacao, who served as ground commander, and the competence of Superintendent Redrigo Maranan, who served as negotiator, were instrumental to the success of the operation. Due to the professionalism of our police forces, the crisis was resolved in a little over two hours.