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22 February 2012

Know the right employers and recruiters - DOLE Sec. Baldoz

As the graduation season draws near, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz advised students and jobseekers to be vigilant against illegal recruiters and placement agencies offering fake or bogus job offers.
“We encourage new graduates—future workforce members—to be alert and wary against unscrupulous individuals or groups engaged in illegal and predatory employment operations. They themselves should become their own lookout during their job hunting to avoid falling victims,” Baldoz said.
Baldoz issued the warning even as she encouraged students and jobseekers to visit or contact the DOLE’s regional and field offices in their area to check the list of licensed private recruitment and placement agencies (PRPAs) and their authorized branch offices and
representatives before applying for a job. She reiterates knowledge and awareness is an effective deterrent against job swindlers.
The provisions set forth in Article 15 of the Labor Code, as amended by Executive Order No. 797, give authority to the DOLE to regulate and supervise private sector participation in the recruitment and placement of workers locally.
“It is of utmost importance that graduates and jobseekers should know licensed PRPAs so they will be guided when entertaining and considering job offers,” she said.
“Our DOLE front liners, in partnership with our PESO officers, will assist jobseekers in verifying the authenticity and legitimacy of local recruitment agencies so they will not be duped,” she assured, adding that a visit to the local Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) is helpful if they wish to avail of other employment facilitation assistance and services.
“For example, they should know the schedule of our job fairs, training, and career counseling which could help them get into ‘skills-fit’ employment opportunities,” the labor and employment chief said.
An updated directory of PESO offices across the regions can be accessed at the DOLE’s Bureau of Local Employment website at
“At this time of the year when recruitment scams proliferate, jobseekers, particularly new graduates, should be watchful and should guard themselves against too-good-to-be-true offers that might merely lead them to the path of those who have been victimized by scammers,” she said.

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