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25 March 2012

Push a Ford or drive a Chevy?

Ford vs. ChevyFord vs. Chevy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)                                                           Author: Hartling Eade

We've got all seen then the bumper stickers that say I might moderately push a Ford than drive a Chevy. For many individuals, it's the truth. There's quite a lot of consumer loyalty relating to Ford and Chevy. In fact, there is even a Ps 2 game referred to as Ford vs. Chevy. It may need to do with proudly owning a specific car that excelled in order that they stayed with that manufacturer. Possibly their household owned Ford's or Chevy's and they went with what was familiar.

Ford and Chevy proceed to be stiff competitors out there. Ford does seem to excel though in many areas. If you'd like pace the Ford Mustang will out do the Chevy Corvette hands down. Chevy is in the process of creating a come back with the Chevy Camaro however fans of the Camaro aren't taking to the brand new design very well.

Ford Pickups are available in quite a lot of sizes from small trucks to large work trucks. The Ford F-a hundred and fifty is their fundamental full dimension truck, however they've smaller fashions, such because the Ranger, and bigger models just like the F-850 for super heavy responsibility hauling. Chevy has a number of of them as well. The protection rankings for Ford are slightly higher though when several of the identical model of pickups were in comparison with every other.

Mini vans are very popular nowadays as they give the impression of being sporty and so they provide plenty of room. The Ford Windstar and the Chevy Enterprise both supply loads of room. But the Ford Windstar is extra trendy and gives more features.

Ford additionally has the Ford Escape, which Chevy does probably not have a superb answer to. The Escape has good mpg, at about 24, but it nonetheless has the ability to tow 3,500 pounds with the towing package. It's an incredible automobile for anyone who does need the extra room and towing power bigger SUVs provide, because the Escape is great on gasoline, straightforward and fun to drive, and affordable.