DFA: Philippines and China had no agreement on the pull-out of the fishing boats and ships

Statement of the Department of Foreign Affairs:
On the Scarborough Shoal issue
[April 25, 2012]
Chinese Ambassador Ma Keqing was invited to a meeting this morning at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) where DFA Assistant Secretary for Asia and Pacific Affairs Ma. Theresa Lazaro presented to her a Note Verbale (NV).
In the NV, the DFA noted with concern the Chinese statement that they have become more assertive because the Philippines allegedly broke an agreement on the pull-out of the fishing boats and ships. The DFA pointed out that there has never been an agreement reached. The DFA is of the view that it was unfortunate that the Chinese response was based on inaccurate appreciation of the facts and dynamics of the negotiations.
The DFA took the opportunity to inform the Chinese Embassy that, in order to address the impasse and to avoid future misunderstanding, the dialogue between the two Governments must be based on complete trust and the confidence that information to be conveyed to the capitals must be an accurate rendition of facts.
The DFA believes that responsibility for resolving the issue rests not just with one party but with both parties.
The meeting was conducted in a congenial atmosphere where both sides agreed to continue to work together to move the process forward.