Lists of telephone numbers and emails for queries on subcontracting

To complement the Department of Labor and Employment’s efforts in raising public awareness and understanding of Department Order No. 18-A, the order clarifying policies on the contracting and subcontracting provisions of the Labor Code and providing clear-cut rules and standards on subcontracting, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday announced that the DOLE’s Bureau of Labor Relations has established dedicated phone lines to answer queries and entertain feedback about D.O. 18-A.
“I am pleased to announce that workers, employers, and the general public may now call telephone nos. (632) 527-357-85; 527-2551; and 527-2535 if they have any question or wish to be clarified about the provisions of D.O. 18-A, or wish to report their experiences on how we at the DOLE are implementing the order. They may also e-mail us at,” Baldoz said.
The labor and employment chief also announced the DOLE regional offices are ready to entertain and answer inquiries through telephone and email all around the country.
The DOLE regional offices’ access hotlines and e-mail addresses are as follows: DOLE-National Capital Region, 400-62-42 or 400-39-18;  or; DOLE-Cordillera Administrative Region, (074) 442-2447; 442-0824; e-mail or;  DOLE-Region 1, (072) 700-2520;; DOLE-Region 2, (078) 844-1364, 844-1383, 844-5516;; DOLE-Region 3, (045) 455-1613;; DOLE-Region 4-A, (049) 545-7360;; DOLE-Region 4-B, (043) 288-1485;; DOLE-Region 5, (052) 820-4806; (052) 480-5831;; DOLE-Region 6, (033) 320-8026; (033) 509-0400;; DOLE-Region 7, (032) 253-0638;; DOLE-Region 8, (053) 325 6292;; DOLE-Region 9, (062) 991-2673; 993-1754; DOLE I-Text: 0917 7244338;;  DOLE-Region 10, (088) 857-2218;; DOLE-Region 11, (082) 227-8772; 226-2481; 227-3157;; DOLE-Region 12, (083) 228-4920;; and,  DOLE-CARAGA, (085) 342-9503; 342-9606;
“The establishment of these telephone and e-mail access will ensure that workers and employers, as well as the general public, get the correct and relevant information about D.O. 18-A,” Baldoz said.
She added that the DOLE Call Center under the Labor Communications Office is already receiving queries about the order and will continue to do so to complement the BLR and regional hotlines. The DOLE call center is accessible at 908-2917 from fixed-line phones for free; or text (SMS) 2910.
On November 14, 2011, Baldoz issued D. O. 18-A, otherwise known as the Rules Implementing Articles 106 to 109 of the Labor Code, as Amended, in line with the 22-point labor and employment agenda of President Benigno S. Aquino III and specifically to strengthen the welfare and protection of workers.
Since the order took effect on December 5, DOLE regional offices have been doing round-table tripartite discussions and dialogue and conducting advocacy campaigns on the salient provisions of D.O. 18-A. This year, Baldoz has ordered a vigorous implementation of the order, initially by cleansing the DOLE’s database of subcontractors as called for in the regional action plans on D.O. 18-A.
Rebecca Chato, former director of the BLR and now undersecretary for labor relations, said that more than 200, 000 workers and 2,624 subcontractors are covered by the ongoing enforcement of the D.O. 18-A reform. The DOLE’s Statistical Performance Reporting System showed that in 2011, job service contractors/subcontractors accounted for a total 245, 271 workers placed in jobs in the country’s 16 regions.
BLR officer-in-charge Atty. Romeo M. Montefalco Jr. had reported that three BLR personnel manning the hotlines are ready to answer callers’ questions and feedback on D.O. 18-A “anytime, even on lunch break, during any regular workday from Mondays to Fridays.”
“We are also coordinating with the DOLE’s regional offices on the regional hotlines they have activated to respond to and assist clients pertinent to the order,” he said.