Mar Roxas: We removed an unworthy Chief Justice

Statement of Secretary of Transportation and Communications Manuel Roxas II:On the conviction of Chief Justice Renato Corona
[May 29, 2012]
Not since the EDSA Revolution of 1986 have I felt as proud to be a Filipino, than today. In EDSA, we cast out a dictatorship, today we removed an unworthy Chief Justice. And we have done it not by a dint of that great force called people power, but by the normal, Constitutional process ordained by our democratic system.
Indeed, we have shown the world the final maturation of Philippine democracy. For decades past, we have always waited upon some accident or fortuitous event to bring about the change we wanted in our political system. Today is different, because we have proven that by the force of institutional checks and balances, we can impeach, prosecute and convict a wayward Chief Justice.
I am proud of the House of Representatives and the Senate for their acts of courage, determination and statesmanship. Many names from both chambers shall be indelibly printed in our history books.
But let us never forget that this event never could have come about if not for the election two years ago of a President who has led us through the straight and narrow path through which law and justice must be applied—both to the common man, and to the high and mighty.