Spokesman Lacierda on HB 5727 - An act Restructuring the excise tax on Alcohol and Tobacco

Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda:On the approval of House Bill No. 5727 in the House Committee on Ways and Means
[May 9, 2012]
We welcome the approval of House Bill 5727 in the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives. The bill, which seeks to rationalize excise taxes on alcohol and cigarette products, is a priority measure of the administration that has hurdled a significant step in the legislative process. The initiatives to reform the excise tax system started 15 years ago and it is only under this administration, with the President’s firm leadership, that such a legislative measure has been approved.
The rationale for reform is clear. This measure seeks to help fund public healthcare, which is a key thrust in the administration’s drive for inclusive growth. It also seeks to improve the efficiency of tobacco farmers, strengthen the current tax structure, and sustain revenue growth.
We thank House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr., Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Isidro Ungab, and a multi-party majority of the members of the Committee who voted to approve this important measure. This is a testimonial to the close cooperation between the executive and legislative branches of government.
We look forward to the legislative deliberations in plenary where we hope the majority of Representatives will stand alongside their colleagues who support fiscal reform.