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06 September 2013

Statement of President Aquino on the resignation of NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas


His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
On the resignation of NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas
[September 6, 2013]
In the limited time since he was appointed Director of the National Bureau of Investigation last July 20, 2012, Atty. Nonnatus R. Rojas managed the transformation of the NBI from an agency reeling from very serious controversies, to one that has regained pride of place as the foremost investigative arm of the Department of Justice.
This is all the more remarkable, because Director Rojas only expected to serve as an Officer-in-Charge when former Director Magtanggol B. Gatdula was dismissed over allegations of kidnapping and extortion attempts by NBI agents. Instead, Director Rojas gave up a career spent as a prosecutor in the Department of Justice in order to stay on as NBI Director. He did not fail us. Director Rojas excelled in his assigned tasks, and was instrumental in restoring the credibility of the NBI.
We in government recognize, however, that his period of service has taken a serious toll on his health. It is my belief that it would be an unwarranted imposition on the well-being of a model public servant, for Director Rojas, to remain in the NBI. For this reason, I am constrained to accept, with deep regret, his resignation.
In the meantime the Secretary of Justice will directly supervise the National Bureau of Investigation, including the appointment of an Officer-in-Charge to ensure the effective continuation of the NBI’s tasks.