CHA-CHA (Charter Change) : Why?

I do believe now is the right time to change or amend the 1987 constitution. This national concern is widely accepted by all constitutional expert for they believed now is the right time because we have a president who is credible and trusted by majority of the Filipinos. Furthermore, PNOY said he had no intention to run the country after 2016. I will watch President Aquino's latest stand about this issue. Charter change is needed either through CON-CON (Constitutional Convention), CON-ASS (Constitutional Assembly) or VOX POPULI.

With this in the line, what are the provisions or amendments that should be change in 1987 constitution? What are the issues that need to be addressed? In this article, I will tackle issues that need to change and put into considerations for the betterment of the Philippines.
First and foremost, we should move to parliamentary form of government which most countries adopt. This form of government is proven effective especially on the economy. Most rich countries as I observed are with parliamentary-form-of-government.

Next, the justice system should also revise because it was politicized most of the time. So far, the equality of power is not realized for the judiciary has so much power than any branch. They also have more power on "check and balance".

Third, the bicameral system is not also viable. It only creates deadlock when the two congress didn’t agree with each other. Thus, limiting what they can do which is passing more laws. Furthermore, this set-up is also cost a lot of time and money. So, abolish the senate is one remedy to adapt on the changing world.

Lastly, economic provisions should be change. We should open our country for more investment. But then, be aware of protecting our natural resources not to be abused.

Hence, I appeal to the Congress to look more closely on this matter. Charter Change (CHACHA) now or never.