Mar Roxas: Philippine-Taiwanese Communication Channels Remain Open

Talakayan 2010 August 9, 2009 ISO, Ateneo de M...Image via WikipediaA February 23, 2011 press release by the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson

Former Senator Manuel A. Roxas, in a press conference held today in MalacaƱang, said the communication links with Taiwan remain open and measures are being made to normalize relations eventually.

Roxas, fresh from his unofficial diplomatic mission to Taipei, detailed his objectives, which included talks on a mechanism for a reconciliation process, stabilizing the current situation, conveying to Taiwan the official statement of the Philippines, and ensuring the safety and welfare of the 90,000 OFWs in the island.

Sent by President Benigno S. Aquino III in his capacity as a private citizen, Roxas announced that relations between the Philippines and Taiwan can potentially normalize with initial, exploratory talks on a mechanism for mutual legal assistance and the feasibility of closer and stronger economic ties.

Asked if the Taiwanese demand of an apology from the Philippines was granted, Roxas said it was not given. The former lawmaker, however, expressed optimism with regard the efforts of his counterparts to protect the rights and security of Filipinos in Taiwan.