Malabon City Congresswoman offered additional PhP 250,000 reward for arrest of Len Sumera's killers

A press release by House of Representatives, March 28, 2011

Congresswoman Jaye Lacson-Noel of Malabon City has offered another PhP 250,000 on top of the rewards committed by Malabon City Mayor Canuto "Tito" S. Oreta and two media groups who condemned the gruesome act. This would make the total reward for the capture of Sumera's killers come to PhP 400,000.

"Sumera's untimely death is a reminder of the continued challenges to our national security. We must step up our commitment to make our country safe for our journalists, and for women," Lacson-Noel said in a statement. "I am hoping that the additional incentive encourages people to come forward with information."

"This crime shall not go unnoticed," Lacson-Noel asserted. Lacson-Noel is known for her work as a women's rights legislator and was a journalism graduate. She noted that this particular case "hit close to the heart."

Sumera is the fourth journalist to be killed during the administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III.

"I am confident that with a coordinated, comprehensive approach, we can capture the perpetrators and ensure that Sumera's death was not in vain. I salute her contribution to our community as a courageous journalist, staunch advocate of the urban poor, wife and mother," Lacson-Noel said. "She will not be forgotten."

Sumera, a radio anchor for DzME was laid to rest on Sunday, March 27, 2011. She was shot last week by unidentified gunmen in Barangay Maysilo, Malabon City. Authorities are looking into the motive, which may be related to a land dispute in her barangay.