Statement of President Aquino on the victory of the Philippine Azkals over the Mongolian Blue Wolves

Meet and Greet the Azkals TeamImage by budiputra via FlickrStatement of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
On the Philippine Azkals winning over the Mongolian Blue Wolves during the 2012 Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup prequalifying match on March 15, 2011

[Released on March 15, 2011]

The Filipino people stand united in congratulating our Philippine Azkals on their 3-2 aggregate win against the Mongolian football team during their prequalifying playoff match for the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup.

Meet and Greet the Azkals TeamImage by budiputra via FlickrThis is a victory
borne out of the constant striving for excellence of our very own Azkals. Their excellence is not borne of luck, but of the perseverance that characterizes true athletes: discipline, cooperation, teamwork. Along with their sportsmanship, these values continue to provide a rallying point for our countrymen. They symbolize our nation’s new era of transformation, in which our people stand at the cusp of greater glory on the world stage.

The Azkals can remain assured of the support and the encouragement of the Filipino people as they continue on to the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers.