Vietnam Adopts Philippine Preschool System

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A March 28, 2011 press release by the Department of Education
A delegation from the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has paid a visit to the Department of Education to observe best practices in the country’s preschool education for possible adoption in their country.
Head of delegation Ms. Nguyen Thi Nghia, vice minister of Education and Training said they are thankful for the chance to learn from  DepEd officials led by Undersecretary Lino Rivera  about how preschool  education is implemented in the country and exchanged experiences on how preschool education can be further improved.
The delegation specifically inquired on the development of curriculum for pre-school, methodology, content of instruction and teacher qualification and training.
Vietnam is currently implementing its own preschool program which covers children until age 5. It is handled by the MOET which also implements education up to collegiate level. The delegation also went to Malaysia for education observation tour.
The delegation also visited selected preschools and observed how classes are conducted.
Education Secretary Armin Luistro welcomes the visit of the delegation saying exchanging best practices among member-countries of ASEAN augurs well for a more vibrant spirit of cooperation in the region.
“We should encourage more exchange of best practices in education, technology, poverty alleviation, the sciences and  skills training among the peoples of South East Asia  because we share many things in common and are linked by  the same heritage and  similar experiences,” said Luistro.
The Philippines is making preschool education (kindergarten) mandatory in public schools beginning June this year covering five-year old learners. The universal kindergarten  is the first step in the  bigger education reform program called K+12 which proposes the addition of two more years in basic education.  K+12 aims to produce high school graduates who are ready for employment, primed for college education and prepared to go global.