Beware of Fake job offers in Rome Italy

An April 27, 2011 press release by the Department of Foreign Affairs
The Philippine Embassy in Rome warns prospective employees about bogus job offers being circulated among Filipinos in Italy and in the Philippines using L’Aquila, Italy as a purported destination for Filipino workers.
The project proponent in the email represents itself as the “Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing Reconstruction of Earthquake Affected Cities Program, which is alledgedly under the Auspices of World Rehabilitation Program (WRP) and Italian Freedom Corps (IFC)”.
Jobs being offered include truck drivers, machinery operators, plumbers, carpenters, electrically engineers/electricians, metal workers, nurses/dispensers/clinic staff, helpers, brick layers, miscellaneous job, technical experts, data entry clerk, first aid attendant, quantity surveyor, mechanical engineers, cooks/chefs/stewards, interpreters, and legal advisers.
The email uses the email address and office address Via Sicilia 162/C.
The Embassy inquired  with Italian authorities, particularly the Department of Development and Economic Cohesion under Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, which stated that there is no such project.
“There is no Committee for the Reconstruction of L’Aquila at the Ministry’s official address in Via Sicilia 162/C cited in the email, and the Italian Ministry of Development Public Works and Housing does not correspond to any Italian office,” the Embassy said.
“Also, there is no registered project involving an alleged Housing Reconstruction of Earthquake Affected Cities Program, either in L’Aquila or Rome, and there is no WRP or IFC accredited with the Ministry, nor operating or registered in Italy,” it added.
The city of L’Aquila was hit by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake on 6 April 2009, killing over 260 residents, injuring over 1,000 and leaving 28,000 homeless.
According to the Embassy, the Ministry has referred the case to the Italian Police for further investigation.