Malacanang Statement on RH bill, plunder case on GMA, appointment of Augusto Lagman

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, President of the Phil...The President has appointed for COMELEC Commissioner for the slot vacated by former Commissioner [Nicodemo] Ferrer, we have Augusto Lagman who is a certified computing professional. His term is to expire on February 2, 2018. The appointment was signed on the 28th of April 2011. We have his—I think most of you are familiar with Commissioner Lagman, and he is a known expert in the field of IT and he has been very involved in the automated elections. We know that he has spoken out on so many issues relating to the automated elections when it came to the Commission. And we are confident that he can discharge the duties of his office as capably, as competently as he has in the past.

Q: Ma’am, doon sa plunder charges po against the former President, do you expect more to come out and maybe volunteer information that would contribute?
VALTE: Hindi po natin masasabi at this point. Lalo po, hindi pa natin nakikita iyong charges that were filed. Ang alam lang po natin is what we picked up from the media reports as well na it’s related to the apparent—the alleged misused of funds of OWWA [Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration] and to the amount, but wala pa po tayong—I think it’s too early to say kung mayroon pa pong ibang lalabas because of the filing of the charges.
Q: Ma’am, one point lang. Should the government be concerned kasi the RH Bill issue is becoming a political issue right now and may mga fears na magkaroon daw ito ng religious conflicts?
VALTE: Katulad po noong sinabi ni Secretary Lacierda kahapon, it’s political because it involves Congress and the Senate and ultimately the Executive. But whether it will become a source of religious conflict, it’s entirely up to those in those areas really. Katulad nga po ng sinabi natin, we serve as a sort of a referee between contending parties on this particular issue. So it is up to them entirely where they want to take the level of discourse, on the issue of the RH Bill.