Growth for all; Press Releases from Malacanang

EDITORIAL: Growth for all
One of the pillars of the Aquino Social Contract with the Filipino people is inclusive economic growth. As this week¹s issue of the Good News shows, the promise of progress even in the countryside is finally coming to fore.
In Negros Occidental, for instance, the agriculture sector is getting a boost through irrigation projects and the provision of farm implements. Providing crop insurance helps reduce risk in volatile times for farmers. Meanwhile, the release of funds for flood control infrastructure also helps put in place a safer environment for residents near bodies of water–and their livelihoods.
Funding these projects are made possible by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, which has expanded its collection by P64.5 billion for the first seven months of the year compared to the same period last year. Beyond more efficient tax collection measures and tax administration, the BIR is also committed to plugging holes in the tax system. Under the Aquino administration, the BIR has filed 61 cases of tax evasion, one of the latest being a P1.7 billion case against a metals and plastics manufacturer.
Record-breaking earnings of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, which will ensure the construction of schools throughout the country, likewise helps fund vital social programs and projects. These initiatives ensure the funding and delivery of projects and services in a manner that is viable. They show that the Aquino administration’s commitment to inclusive growth remains steadfast.