Senate President Drilon filed Senate Bill No. 3009, Salary Standardization Law of 2015

MANILA, Nov. 11 (PNA) -- To encourage employees to stay longer in government and boost their morale and productivity, Senate President Franklin Drilon filed Senate Bill No. 3009, which mandates a weighted average increase of 45 percent in the total compensation of all government personnel over a four-year period.

“The economy is in the right course and we will take advantage of the favorable condition to raise the pay scheme in the government and align it with the compensation received by employees from the private sector,” Drilon said.

“It is about time that we adjust the salaries of the hardworking men and women who have helped the government to fulfill its mandates to the people,” he added.
The bill is co-authored by Finance Committee chair Loren Legarda.

Drilon, who also served as labor secretary, said that the low pay rate is the main reason why the government could not keep its employees, as he expressed concern about the high turnover of positions in the government.

Citing a study commissioned by the Department of Budget and Management, Drilon said that the pay scheme in government is 45 percent below market.

This is particularly true for professionals and middle managers in government who only get around 41 percent and 25 percent of market rates, respectively.

It is only the sub-professionals in government that receive 50 percent or more of market rates, Drilon noted.

Drilon also observed that some agencies are incapable of filling up vacant positions within a reasonable period of time, which inadvertently affects the smooth delivery of services to the people.

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